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“Rural World” Literary Competition

The “TERRE MAGICHE SANNITE ETS” Foundation, in collaboration with the Campania and Molise Breeders Association, the “Giustino Fortunato” University, the Archeoclub d’Italia – Benevento Section, is organizing the first edition of the 2024-25

“Rural World” National Literary Competition

The National Literary Competition “Mondo Rurale” aims to collect stories and essays related to the agricultural world, highlighting traditions, legends and magic rooted in the cultures of local communities; a heritage of inestimable value that risks falling into oblivion in a now globalized and urbanized world.

The competition is reserved for unpublished works, written in Italian, and is open to all “creatives” from 18 to 100 years old and over… with the only constraint of being able to compete with a single work.

Read the competition announcement to learn more and submit the participation form!


Ricciardi Carmine Antonio – PRESIDENTE
Collarile Mario
Martone Giuseppina
Mauro Franco
Saccone Claudio
Donisi Alessia
Palumbo Paolo
Perrella Antonio
Sarno Alessia
Autorino Antonietta
Rispoli Angelina

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