International Choreographic Competition 2nd Edition
Benevento 5/6/7 Luglio 2024
The theatre will open at 8 pm and the show will start at 8.30 pm
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You will find them at the Theater on the evening of the show or you can pick them up in Benevento at the Orzelleca Jewelry store, Corso Garibaldi 194

Or, also in Benevento, at the Rotolando Verso Sud travel agency in Via Perasso.


And there was in Rome a servant of a cardinal, who going to Benevento by night, saw in a threshing floor many people dancing, women and children and young men; and looking at them, he was very afraid. But after watching for a while, he became confident and went to where they were dancing, even with fear, and little by little he got so close to them, that he saw that they were very young; and so, staying to watch, he became so confident, that he began to dance with them. And while the whole company was dancing, he came to ring the bell for morning. When morning came, all of them at once went away, except one, that is, the one who was holding his hand, who wanted to go away with the others, he held her: she pulled, and he pulled. Seeing her so young, he took her to his house: and hear what happened: that he he kept her with him for three years, and she never spoke a word. And it was found that she was from Slavonia. Now think how well this is done, that a girl should be taken from her father and mother in that way. And therefore I say that where there can be found any who are enchantresses or sorceres, or enchanters or witches, let them all be put to extermination in such a way that their seed is lost”.

[Translation from San Bernardino da Siena – 1427 –  transcription of stenographic notes of a follower of the saint]

“Terre Magiche Sannite – ETS” is a foundation that brings together scholars, institutions, businesses, artists and social and territorial activists.

The Foundation aims to:

I – study and publicize the places, stories and legends of the Witches of Benevento and Sannio, which have a formidable attractive potential;

II – promote cultural activities and events centered on the story of the witches, the fight against violence against women and the defense of their rights;

III – organize, on an annual basis, the event “Struscio di Streghe”, with conferences, music and dance at its center;

IV – contribute, through cultural exchanges and twinning with cities and associations of other magical sites, to the construction of a network of stable relationships;

V – promote the archaeological, environmental, religious and food and wine heritage of the territory;

The Foundation with its Scientific Committee collaborates with Cultural Institutions, which deal with the phenomenon of witchcraft and with anyone committed to respecting women’s rights.
Every year, the Foundation awards a prize to a personality who has particularly distinguished himself in the world in the defense of women.
The Foundation is made of participants who pay a fee of € 500 or € 100. There are no annual fees.
The Roll of Honor of Honorary Members includes those – entities, companies or individuals – who contribute in various ways to the realization of the Foundation’s programs by donating a substantial financial contribution or tangible or intangible assets.