A) Activities of “Terre Magiche Sannite – ETS” Foundation

1 – In collaboration with the Giustino Fortunato University and the International School of Linguistic Mediation:
a) research activities on the history and legend of witches;
b) cycle of national and international conferences on the theme of witchcraft;
c) magical paths on archaeological and artistic itineraries within the city of Benevento.

2 – Constitution of the National and International Association of Witches’ Cities.

3 – Proposal to UNESCO to recognize Benevento and the witchcraft Sannio as intangible heritage of humanity.

4 – Construction of a network of connections with the Samnites abroad.

5 – In collaboration with the “Centro Studi” of Carmen Castiello, the organization of the annual event called “Struscio di Streghe”, which is a parade in competition of national and international dance schools, in which each participant presents their own way of interpreting the Sabbath.

6 – Awarding of an annual prize to a personality who has particularly distinguished himself in the world in the fight against violence against women and in the defense of their rights.

7 – Promotion of important sporting events (e.g. Witches’ Triathlon, Witches’ Walk from Benevento to the Strait of Barba, Haunted Circuit of the Eight Samnite Lakes) with the aim of promoting the territory and creating synergies between Municipalities and other Public Bodies.

8 – “Dinner in Yellow” at all restaurants accredited by the Foundation to promote Samnite food and wine products.

9 – Proposal to place, on the square in front of the Benevento train station, the <Witches’ Tree by Pericle Fazzini>.

10 – Project to complete the “Wizard’s Garden” in Piazza Santa Sofia with “Green Magic” (= the witches’ herbs).

11 – Creation of the Witches’ Park: proposals for the Witches’ Urban Park on the site of the former Monoplii Tabacchi – Benevento.

B) Initiatives under study

1 – Production of audiovisuals for tourism promotion.

2 – Management of informative spaces on radio and TV on the theme of witches and tourism promotion.

3 – Castles’ routes.